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What Are Chumby Widgets

  • Short explanation of widgets

Anatomy of a Chumby Widget

  • Flash based
  • Flash Player 8 / Flash Lite 3.0
  • 320px by 240px
  • 12 frames per second
  • 100k file size

Setting Up a Development Environment

  • Adobe Flash IDE
  • FlashDevelop
  • mtasc and swfmill
  • Hosting external assets
  • Server-side technologies

Known Limitations

  • Compile/update current wiki info

Chumby Development Best Practices

  • Compile/update current wiki info

Understanding Widget Durations

  • User duration preferences
  • "Normal" widgets
  • Cooperative widgets

Creating Your First Chumby Widget

  • A simple walk through/tutorial on building a widget

Testing Your Chumby Widgets

Using the Virtual Chumby

Testing Locally

From an HTTP server

Understanding the Security Model

Accessing External Assets with Flash

Creating a crossdomain.xml

Basic Widget Development

Using Variables

  • Hello Chumby

Working with Audio and Video

  • Loading and controlling an .FLV
  • Loading and controlling a sound file
  • Creating a mute toggle button

Working With Time and Dates

  • Getting the current time
  • Getting the current date
  • Finding the difference between 2 dates

Using Chumby Flags

  • Telling the Chumby your widget is done

Advanced Widget Development

Personalizing Your Widget

  • Understanding Chumby environment variables
  • Building a configuration panel

Persistant Data

  • Storing data between user sessions
  • Storing data externally
  • Using the Chumby Score Keeper for games

External Assets and Data

  • Using external video, image, and audio assets
  • Loading and reading external XML
  • Posting data to a server


  • Capturing screen "swipes"
  • Reading Chumby's sensors
  • Using the ChumbyNative class

Optimization Techniques

  • Working with video
  • Bitmaps
  • Embedding fonts

Debugging Widgets

  • Using prebuilt debugging widgets
  • Other techniques

Adding Your Widget to the Chumby Network

  • Pre-launch checklist
  • Approval process

Example Widgets

  • RSS reader
  • Webcam
  • Analog clock
  • Flickr


External Resources

  • Adobe Flash
  • FlashDevelop
  • Blogs
  • Tutorials
  • Source Files
  • Templates
  • Components