Sample RSS Widget in AS3

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This widget is among the first widgets developed in ActionScript 3 for Flash Lite 4.

This widget has a few advance features beside normal RSS functionality: - Use local SharedObject to remember last article shown, and pick up from there the next time widget is reloaded.
- Use of liquid layout manager class. See Developing Widgets for Chumby: Liquid layout
- Embed YouTube video directly in the content
- Clean port of AS3 with strict OOP implementation

Download Source files here.
You'll need Flash CS4 and above to open & compile it.

This implementation has been written such that the major features are separated from body/content of the RSS feed, which is usually specific to each feed.
Users only have to extend GenericRSSBody to perform custom string processing or layout management of the body/content of the RSS.
Graphics assets are stored in the Library of the .FLA file. They can be modified safely without affecting the functionality of the widget.

Include in the source files is a widget for RSS feed.
It is a clear example of customizing RSSTemplatesAS3 package for a specific RSS feed.